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I haven’t updated since about Christmas yet you are all still here.

mmkay… that’s nice… hello.

I’m alive. Quite similar. Still being really cute with live-in boyfriend (whose name is Gene). Very happy and probably should get on tumblr more frequently than every several months.

Gene decorated the tree with poems. 🌲

Gene decorated the tree with poems. 🌲

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Calvin’s snowmen are breathtaking achievements and I will accept no disputes

I freaking love Calvin’s snowmen

They forgot the best one though!


oh my god yes

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Update on Kimfish’s life:

I have mono.
Watch the Hammer horror film Brides of Dracula because Hellsing is a grade A bad A mamajama.
One’s sex drive does not give one iota of one shit about one having mono when one’s boyfriend is so intolerably sexy and vomitously sweet.
Kimamafish vomited in (and by “in” I mean all the fuck over) a Jason’s Deli bathroom today after eating a very delicious tuna melt, staring somewhat unfocusdly into the eyes of her pretty dapper man, and taking a dose of prednisone she will never get back.
Ow. Ow ow, ow. Ow.
I want to do crafts in all the days off I’ve been granted, but I don’t have the energy. Uuuuyurrrrrfhnxsfbjoobvsarvbjkitd
Happy Holidays

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Guys….Mark Sheppard in X-Files


Guys….Mark Sheppard in X-Files

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